Bizla Jan

Bizla Jan

Heart Patient

Age: 18 Year(s)

Date of Birth: May 6, 2006

Treatment Requirement: Complete Fontan Surgery

Concern Doctor: Dr. Manvinder Singh Sachdev

Name of Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute - Gurgaon

Date of Admission: June 25, 2023

Date of Surgery: June 26, 2023

Date of Discharge: July 17, 2023

Status of Surgery: Successful

Hospital Reg. ID:-  750346

Bizla is 16yrs old heart patient studying in 12 class. She has got a heart disease CCHD (Critical Congenital Heart Disease) by birth. She was evaluated by Dr. MANVINDER SINGH SAVCHDEV in 2015 and found to have case of CCHD. He advised her for 3 surgeries, She has successfully undergone BT shunt in 2015 and BD Glenn in 2018. Now she needs to undergo Complete Fontan Heart Surgery. She needs this surgery as soon as possible for saving her life. Her surgery will take place at Fortis Hospital-Gurgaon.

But surgery and treatment is very expensive. She belongs to a poor family. Her father works as a tractor driver in Kashmir. Family condition is very poor. They are unable to afford the whole expenses (Rs. 450,000/-) of the surgery & treatment.

So their request to Life Care Regeneration Association ‘LCRA’ to sponsor the surgery and treatment expanses of the child.



Surgery of Ms. Bizla was successfully done. She is fine and was discharge from hospital on 17 July-2023.

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